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Healing Business Podcast

Introducing the Healing Business Podcast! Where I interview successful holistic business owners about their habits and strategies they used to create successful businesses.

Untitled2I have had the privilege of interviewing professionals such as:

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Therese Walsh-VanKeuren

Energetic Healer, Krista Wallace

Chiropractor, Dr. Brant Pedersen

Egoscue Practitioner, Oscar Gonzales

Self Care Queen, Tomasa Macapinlac

Clinical Social Worker & owner of Teen Therapy Center, Lindsay Smith

Feng Shui Master, Aelita Leto

Hypnotherapist and host of the Meditation Minis Podcast, Chel Hamilton

And we are just getting started many more fascinating guests coming soon! If you want to help get the word out this effort to support healers in growing their businesses or just to make sure you don’t miss an episode. Please Subscribe to the podcast or share with your friends and colleagues!

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You can listen from any computer from the Healing Business Podcast page.

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This podcast is for anyone who is interested in holistic health, is growing a healing business or is considering launching a healing business. We share the stories of professionals who have had great success in their businesses.

If you know someone who has a thriving healing business and would like to be interviewed please send me an email at

I am your host Tina Deane Coddington and I have a 6 figure plus Massage Therapy Business, Massage Works Los Gatos. I also founded the Natural Healers Network to have a supportive community of Healers to help all of us grow our businesses and thereby make the world a healthier happier place! I made a lot of mistakes along the way and if we can help