Healing Business Podcast

Introducing the Healing Business Podcast! Where I interview successful holistic business owners about their habits and strategies they used to create successful businesses.

Untitled2I have had the privilege of interviewing professionals such as:

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Therese Walsh-VanKeuren

Energetic Healer, Krista Wallace

Chiropractor, Dr. Brant Pedersen

Egoscue Practitioner, Oscar Gonzales

Self Care Queen, Tomasa Macapinlac

Clinical Social Worker & owner of Teen Therapy Center, Lindsay Smith

Feng Shui Master, Aelita Leto

Hypnotherapist and host of the Meditation Minis Podcast, Chel Hamilton

And we are just getting started many more fascinating guests coming soon! If you want to help get the word out this effort to support healers in growing their businesses or just to make sure you don’t miss an episode. Please Subscribe to the podcast or share with your friends and colleagues!

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This podcast is for anyone who is interested in holistic health, is growing a healing business or is considering launching a healing business. We share the stories of professionals who have had great success in their businesses.

If you know someone who has a thriving healing business and would like to be interviewed please send me an email at tina@tinadeanecoddington.com

I am your host Tina Deane Coddington and I have a 6 figure plus Massage Therapy Business, Massage Works Los Gatos. I also founded the Natural Healers Network to have a supportive community of Healers to help all of us grow our businesses and thereby make the world a healthier happier place! I made a lot of mistakes along the way and if we can help



Look Out 2017

Every meeting is a gift

First meeting of 2017 was inspiring with Lisa Watts Smith from Shamamamma who led us in releasing all that wasn’t serving us from last year. And led us on a journey to set intentions for a powerful and creative year to create a year that is in the greatest good for all!

Looking at this beautiful group of healers it is important to know that what is powerful about networking isn’t just what the meeting is about but it is about the connections you make. I know this group has created business connections, referrals and friends.

January 4th Meeting

January 4th Meeting

NHN is More Then Just Business

The thing that inspires me every month when I go to the Natural Healers Network are the amazing people working hard to help the men, women and children in our communities!

The meetings often focus on important and challenging aspects of our businesses but it is the connection and support that is really the most valuable.

These 2 meetings in particular were a blast of energy watching our group of healers from Doctors of Chiropractic to Hypnotherapists to Energy Workers get fired up and put their collective energy to directions that needed energy and attention.

In our most recent meeting one of our regular meeting participants and a woman who is truly a ray of light shared that she had just been diagnosed with cancer. The group sent much healing energy to her for her highest and best physical health to be realized. What better spot to ask for healing then in a group of over 20 healers who will readily channel love and light your way.

In a meeting previous we had the pleasure of hearing about Crowd Healing. Founded by Eric Drew, WEHEAL.ORG  is a forum of information and direction for people struggling with disease. Eric’s personal story of surviving a terminal diagnosis is nothing short of remarkable! He had many the group in tears with his story of how dysfunctional our dis-ease system is and what he is doing to try to change that.

It is moments like these that keep me inspired by the Natural Healers Network with the added benefits of friends, colleagues, oh and an ever growing business. I am grateful for this group it started from a small idea I had that it would be cool to get a bunch of different healers together to share ideas and support each other. And it has turned into something I look forward to and feel is very much a blessing in my business, personal and spiritual life.

Natural Healers Showcase

The Natural Healers Networks first Natural Healers Showcase a health fair for the holistic health professionals to get out in their community and network and educate. Hope to see you there!



We are looking forward to our first Health Fair for the Natural Healers Network on Saturday May 3rd. It is a wonderful opportunity to share with our community a selection of some of the complimentary health options available.



NHN Showcase – Speaker Schedule

10:30-10:50 Rachel Cooley 4 Steps to Transform Overwhelm into Energized Clarity

11:05-11:25 Dr. Sandy Kamiak Homeopathic Medicine: Ancient and Future Vibrational Healing

11:40-12:00 Mary Welty-Dapkus The Intuitive Gym:  It’s Time To Take Off The Wait

12:15-12:35 Krista Poly Quick and Easy Healthy Foods on the Go

12:50-1:10 Nicola Walker 5 Ways to Reconnect with Your Joy

1:25-1:45 Ted Kastelic Healing and wellness with BodyTalk

2:00-2:20 Olga Stewart Do you know what your next step in life would be?

2:35-2:55 Erin Hartnett How to put together your wellness plan

3:10-3:30 Aelita Leto Your environment is your destiny!

Pick your favorite topic or stay all day!

Natural Healers Showcase Raffle Prizes

  1. Fresh Intuition– Book Basket
  2. Nicola Walker – coaching
  3. Massage Works Los Gatos – 90 minute massage, Apothocherry, $50.00 Purium gift card
  4. We’ve Got Your Back – Back Care Basket & $25.00 Gift Card
  5. Bird Watcher of Los Gatos– Chakra wind chime
  6. Yoga Source – 3 X 5 class gift certificate
  7. Sandra Kamiak – Cranio Sacral session and Standard Process bars
  8. Erin Hartnett- Elementality Wellness – Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatment
  9. Therese Walsh Van Keuren – Acupuncture for Immunity
  10. Therese Walsh Van Keuren – Neuro Emotional Technique Session
  11. The Source of You – Channelling and Energetic Healing Session
  12. The Source of You – Angel Card Reading
  13. Mikyo Martin – 2 Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions (90 min.)
  14. Mikyo Martin – Private 2 hour Yoga and Yoga Therapy Session
  15. Mikyo Martin – 1 hour Natural Health Diet and Lifestyle Consultation
  16. Om Tao Feng Shui – 3 X $50.00 Gift Certificats
  17. Rachel Cooley – Half Hour Angel Card Reading


Natural Healers Network TV Show

The Natural Healers Network has had a TV program on Create TV for over a year now. It is lead by Steve Smith of the Enlightened Mind and he is our wonderful interviewer.

Our members have so much knowledge and help so many people in the community this has been a great way to get to know more about what they do.

Here are links to our members who have been interviewed. Check them out!

Tina Deane of Massage Works Los Gatos

Lori Krein of Lori Krein Studios

Johanna Lyman

LaDonna Silva, MFT

Therese Walsh-VanKeuren of True Chi

Antoine Amiri of South Bay Men’s Group

Lisa Smith of ShamaMamma

Steve Smith of The Enlightened Mind

Stacey Lehnen

Keep up to date with our Youtube channel  Enjoy!

Massage Therapy Special

$60.00 Gift Certificates available from Massage Works Los Gatos

For the holidays only makes a great gift for your friends and family!

Massage Works Los Gatos specializes in therapeutic massage for pain and stress relief!


Looking for a Relationship Tune Up?

Relationship Tune Up 

Sign Up at The Enlightened Mind


Please join Steve Smith on Saturday July 27th from 10AM- 12PM.

This workshop is intended for couples interested in creating and maintaining an enlightened, loving realtionship. Each month we will discuss particular topics and engage in experiential exercised designed to keep the passion alive and deepen your connection with your partner. 

This month the topics include:

How to be your best Self in the Relationship

Inspiring your partner to be their best

Cost $60.00


Upcoming Workshops at the Enlightened Mind by Shamamamma

I wanted to share some upcoming workshops with our group. 
If you are interested, please go to shamamamma.com

Friday July 12th from 5:30-7:30PM

Becoming Who You are Meant to Be

What blocks you and holds you back? What is the story you have in your head?

This workshop has you look deeply with in your truth and work to remove blocks that hold you back. 

Through this process, you will be able to create the world you were meant to have for yourself.

You will leave with tools and tips to guide you to your highest way

of being in the world and keep you there. Get focused, clear and ready to step into who you are meant to be.

Cost 35.00


Monday July 29th 5:30-7:30pm

Creating a Harmonious Life

During this time of consciousness, we are constantly faced with negative media, 

negative people, and often negative thoughts. As we walk through our day, we take on this energy which

 can block us and hold us in negative patterns impending our lives emotionally, mentally and physically.

In this workshop, I will help you clear the energy thus allowing your focus to shift and 

open the space for harmony, wellness, trust and confidence. 

Cost 50.00



Monday August 12th 6:00-8:00pm

Enhancing Your Life Story

We often see ourselves in a certain way that is not always in alignment with who we really are.

 Becoming aware of how you perceive the world around 

you can be very healing. In this workshop we will identify what makes you feel ‘stuck’ in your life, 

which may be hidden to you.

 I share techniques for connecting to what is deep inside 

you and help with releasing what has a hold over you. 

I will help you see the greatness you are destined for in your life. 


New Location For Meetings

We are privileged to meet at The Enlightened Mind.

They have moved and so is the monthly meetings. Here is the new address and a link to the map.

1101 S. Winchester Blvd #N265 between Payne and Williams the N building is in the back left corner.

Look forward to seeing you there soon!


Natural Healers Network TV Show

We have started the Natural Healers Network TV to showcase the amazing healers in our group that serve our community in the silicon valley.

Lisa Smith’s video

Lori Krein’s video

Steve Smith’s video